Saturday, May 29, 2010

Foot Locker House of Hoop (Daly City)

This past Thursday I was presented with a very unique opportunity for a photo shoot. Nick referred me to a contact of his from Foot Locker, and she contracted me to capture the grand opening for the House of Hoops in Daly City. The event was amazing, and monumental in my growth as a photographer.

Chuy from KMEL and Stephen Curry, runner-up Rookie of the Year, from Golden State Warriors were headlining the opening with a Q&A session. The turn out was great, the staff was helpful, Chuy and Stephen were very humble and approachable guys, and most of all I had fun. For a thorough recap, and to view my pictures, check out these blogs:

Foot Locker Unlocked - House of Hoops in Serramonte Center

Sole Collector Blog- House of Hoops Opens in Daly City

I learned quite a bit crossing into the "for hire" realm. As a hobby, there is hardly any pressure or time constraint, but that gets thrown out the window when a customer is waiting for results. It's a humbling experience that I'm grateful for and I appreciate what professionals have to go through. Needless to say, I'm looking forward to future events like this. Know anyone looking for a photographer?

As with each session, I like to highlight the main learning points. Working under pressure I learned the following,


1.) A backpack does not work well when you're trying to switch between lenses while smashed by a swarm of sneakerheads. Opt for a small hip pack instead.....or have two cameras :-)

2.) Learn how to program scripts to insert watermarks. Doing this manually is painstakingly long and counterproductive. I wish I could outsource this to Bangalore

Shout out to Nick for looking after my interests and Foot Locker for the golden opportunity.


  1. awesome pictures!! celebratory feast at swt tomatoes!?